We offer a wholistic vision in each project we lead and we believe that a successful design is a design grounded in its environment

and architectural context. 

We work from concept to design development and only partner with

the best contractors and artisans.

 Our recurring travels to Europe and North Africa give us

endless inspiration  and an innovative approach to each project we lead.

We thrive on creating beautiful spaces and each design we offer

are tailored to our client's needs.


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What We Do 




Owner & Principal Designer

Born and raised in the South West of France, Claire moved to the United States in 2007. She studied Interior Design at the Art Center, in Denver Colorado, and graduated in 2013.

After moving to New York City in 2015 and working for a high end design and retail corporation, she decided to establish her own design mark, in 2017. 

Claire is driven by her passion for beauty and is always seeking for an organic and unique approach to each project she leads.  

2010 - present

2010 - present