Our Process

We love to get to know you...

The phase includes our first in person meeting. We ask you a million questions to understand your needs, your lifestyle, and the scope of your project. All the information we gather helps us  research and establish the schedule of your project. It is key for us to understand your environment to take a holistic approach and create a beautiful and functional space that's yours.

...Now you get to know us

We offer you 2 to 3 digital mood boards to give you a glimpse of our inspiration and what we are envisioning for your space. These boards will give you an idea of the ambiance, materials and colour palettes we are thinking of for your project. We like to see this step as the perfect opportunity for us to show you what we are capable of before you commit to anything.

Design Development 

Once you give us your green light the magic begins! 

From the space planning, creating all the technical drawings necessary for our builder, artisans and craftsmen to the selections of all materials, architectural and decorative lighting, furniture, decor and art we develop your design and create a digital presentation that we will present to you within 2 to 4 weeks depending of the scope of work of your project.


The presentation can be done in person or via conference call. We present our design and review everything with you. We offer multiple rounds of modifications because we only care about giving you something you absolutely love so don't be shy and tell us how you really feel!

Orders and project administration

Once you've confirmed everything we take care of all the purchasing and share with you a variety of trade pricing we get from our vendors and manufacturers. All receipts will be sent to you for full transparency.

Communication and deliveries

We handle all communication with the vendors, shipping and delivery info will be communicated to you so you can follow up with everything if you wish.

Installation & project delivery

 Our presence for all deliveries is upon your request and the frequency will be determined with you while we draft your contract. 

As we get closer to the end of your project we will do a final styling and review all the last touch ups needed for your project to be complete!

Finally, the project delivery!

The final walk through with our client is one of our favorite part of each project. We love to see your excitement and smiles as you discover your new space.

Your feedback is so important to us!

We and our future clients would love to hear about your experience with us so we appreciate any reviews or testimonial you wish to send to us!